This month’s volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path features two new articles from me, both on appropriately infernal topics.

“Moloch” – My fifth deity article focusing on the eight archdevils of Hell. This time around the focus is on Moloch, the General of Hell and lord of Hellfire. In addition to details about the most martial of the archdevils’ faiths, we also get rules for the massive execution devices known as molechs and the archdevil’s holy text in its entirety.

“Roads to Hell” – In this article we learn not just about various portals leading from the Inner Sea Region to Hell, but about the various types of portals (including the new soul gates) and whole new ways to interact with such routes. If you’re a fan of the old Planescape campaign setting, you're not going to want to miss what some might interpret as useful groundwork for future planar schemes.

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