Learn more of Hell’s soul-searing secrets with my latest exploration of the Pit, Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Hell Unleashed. While not a direct sequel to Book of the Damned: Princes of Darkness, Hell Unleashed gave me the perfect opportunity to describe several new corners of Pathfinder’s realm of devils and the damned. While my co-author, Jerome Virnich covered a legion of iconic fiends, I got to delve into the demesne of the archdevil Furcas, details the lethal trials of the Hellknights, and reveal some of the biggest secrets of the infamous Book of the Damned. But one of the most amazing parts is the phenomenal cover by Remko Troost—there’s no way that pit fiend is going back to Hell alone.

The full product description and the perfect place to pick up Hell Unleashed can be found right here on Paizo.com. Additionally, here are 10 more secrets about Hell Unleashed that I wrote up for the Paizo blog.

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