The culmination of the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path features an article and some Bestiary work of mine. It also marks the first appearance of the Pathfinder iconic I had the most to do with, Seltyiel. More than a class, Seltyiel was designed to be the iconic antihero and sort of the iconic fighter/mage. I also wanted to have a character among our iconics that I found attractive and Wayne Reynolds definitely supplied—so much so that I now have the original painting of Seltyiel’s second, Ultimate Magic incarnation hanging in my office. I even wrote the backstory for Seltyiel (found here) and would go on years later to flesh him out in the Pathfinder Comics series.

“Harrow Deck of Many Things” – A Harrow version of the classic D&D magic item, the Deck of Many Things, this elaborate artifact exudes the sort of seductive power and unpredictable danger that players find irresistible.

“Bestiary” – I’m relatively sure I wrote the first incarnation of the mobogo, the frog-fiend semi-gods of the amphibious boggard race, but I know I wrote the phistophilus—better known as contract devils. I designed these infernal bargainers to be Hell’s succubi, tempters not of the flesh but of the mind. With pen and bloody quill, these parchment draped devils offer your every whim, for a price. Phistophiluses have become a compelling, identifiable part of numerous Pathfinder adventures and accessories and I’m always delighted to see these infernal clerks show up with their completely reasonable offers.

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