Probably my favorite adventure that I’ve ever written, “Seven Days to the Grave” strives to prove that you can still have a plague in a world with magical healing and that, even in world with devils and dragons, disease can still be an absolute nightmare. Layer on to that the introduction of a cadre of masked woman-warriors—the Gray Maidens—lycanthropes, vampires, mad harlequins, cultists, and worse and what’s not to love?

In addition to the adventure, I also wrote the issue’s monsters, including the disease spreading leukodaemon (Pathfinder’s first daemon), the Parasite-Eve-inspired Daughter of Urgathoa, the Giant Fly and Giant Maggot, the god Abadar herald, Lawgiver, and the nosferatu.

“Seven Days to the Grave” was nominated for two ENnie awards in 2008: Best Adventure and Product of the Year.

It would later be reprinted as part of the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path Hardcover.

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