In what's nothing less than a dark dream come true, I'm blown away to have had the opportunity to write a Pathfinder tie-in to Hideyuki Kikuchi and Yoshitaka Amano's legendary Vampire Hunter D. The product provides an overview of D's dark fantasy world; a new Pathfinder RPG class, the Vampire Hunter; rules for making characters in the vein of D's adventures (including options for having a fiend possessed hand; a new type of vampire; and a short adventure that thematically ties into Stranger Comics's Message from Mars series.

Boundless thanks to Sarah Robinson for making the book look incredible, to Amanda Hamon Kunz for her signature superlative development work, to editors Judy Bauer, Chris Carey, Josh Vogt, Joe Pasini, and Jessica Price for making me not sound like a damned fool, and to Erik Mona, Scott McLean, and the crews at Unified Pictures and Stranger Comics for setting up the project and for having me along!

As an unabashed fan of Hideyuki Kikuchi’s work and Yoshitaka Amano’s art, this was an absolute honor to write—sharing a credits page with them is still sort of unbelievable. Over all, it really ended up being something special and I hope all you Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars backers dig it!