Wes has worked with Dynamite Entertainment as an author on multiple Pathfinder related comics. He co-authored both the Pathfinder: Origins (2014) and Pathfinder Hollow Mountain (2015) series.

I'm kicking off the new Pathfinder series from Dynamite Comics: Runescars! Together with veteran Pathfinder author and regular co-conspirator James Sutter, we've got a tale of vengeance and ancient magic that takes the Pathfinder heroes to Korvosa—the setting (and approximate time) of the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path. When a murderer starts stealing the skins of Varisian sorcerers, Seoni (also a Varisian sorcerer) comes to find answers and end the slaughter. Along the way we learn more about Pathfinder's iconic sorcerer, butt heads with ruthless Hellknights, and learn what songs the sewers sing.

Pathfinder: Runescars #1 is on store shelves now, and is available via Dynamite Entertainment,, and Comixology!






Erik Mona, James Sutter, and wrote the Pathfinder comic series for Dynamite Entertainment. Our series, Hollow Mountain, takes Pathfinder’s most iconic heroes (and some of its most charming villains) to the megadungeon deathtrap of Hollow Mountain, former throne-fortress of the ancient Thassilonian Runelord of Wrath. The six-issues series began in November 2015 and released through the first half of 2016. While there’s been a ton of collaboration on the whole series, I wrote the scripts for issues #2 (December 2015) and #5 (expected April 2016).

I’m really pleased with how the whole series has turned out and it’s been an absolute blast to write. I hope you’ll all check it out!

Available at Paizo, Dynamite, and Comixology.





My first entry into the Hollow Mountain series introduces the story’s antagonists, the “evil” adventuring party of Damiel, Meligaster, Oloch, and—my personal favorite iconic—Seltyiel. Can Seoni and her friends come to terms with this group of scoundrels and continue their delve into the ancient depths of Hollow Mountain? Why has a cad like Seltyiel come to Hollow Mountain to begin with? Can these dastardly adventurers be trusted? (Spoiler: No. No they can’t.)

Oh, and if Sean Izaakse’s chase cover for issue #2 looks familiar, this might be why!








This compilation includes my first comic, “Horsechopper.” It’s a tale of a goblin “hero” who faces off against the Sandpoint Devil—the beast on the cover. It’s a great collection of strange and hilarious stories written by such folks as Jim Zub, Erik Mona and James Sutter (my coauthors on Hollow Mountain), Jeremy Holt, and others, with amazing art by Carlos Gomez, Sean Izaakse, Jennifer Meyer, Jainai Jeffries, and other fantastic talents!









“Horsechopper” marks my first stab at writing a comic. It’s only a short deal and one part of this two-story issue (the other by Jeremy Holt and Christian Meesey) but it was an absolute blast to work on. Artisist Jainai Jeffries did a fantastic job illustrating a story where the dialogue and the scenes of what’s really happening are so totally at odds—totally appropriate for a tale of a goblin “hero.” I also stated up my goblin monster hunter in the back of this issue. Friend and former co-worker Kyle Hunter also did one of the alt covers for this volume, which couldn’t be cooler—gotta love Kyle’s work!