F Wesley Schneider
Author, Editor, & Game Designer

Jazzed to be talking about writing and making games at Orcacon in Bellevue, Washington this weekend. Orcacon's a spunky, regional show willed into being by Donna Prior and her cadre of miracle workers. Yearly its focus is on creating safe, welcoming game spaces, but more so on inclusivity and amplifying diverse voices.

This weekend I'll be roaming the show (aka, haunting the bar) and speaking at the following events.

Friday, January 12th

6:30 - Writing and Story Development for Games

Saturday, January 13th

5:00 - Technology at the Game Table

6:00 - Something at Work in the Soul: Horror in Tabletop RPGs

7:00 - Queer as a Three-Sided Die Presents: Queering Your Setting


Here's my complete bio and schedule, along with links to more details.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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